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Sanctity of Life

Choose life Mississippi


Grant Mississippi’s unborn babies a “License to Live” by helping their mothers “Choose Life.” Simply take your current tag to your local tag office and order a new Choose Life tag for just $31. You don’t even have to wait until your current tag expires! The new Adoption Tag can be ordered online for $51 by clicking on the Adoption Tag button. It’s that easy!

By purchasing a Choose Life tag, you will be supporting pregnancy resource centers across Mississippi. They meet the physical, emotional and medical needs of women providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and compassionate, sound advice about pregnancy. 

HOw can i donate???

Host a Life Change Bottle Drive!! Life Change bottles are filled with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters making a positive change in someone's life.  The CPC will supply you with baby bottles for you to fill with change.  Once your bottles are full or your campaign is over just contact our director and she will come collect the bottles.  The CPC will handle all of the counting of the change that is collected during the campaign.  The bottles can easily be placed in Sunday School Rooms, Churches, or businesses.  If you would like to schedule a Life Change Bottle Drive please contact our Director, Beth Sharp.