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Single parenting is not an easy choice to make. You will have many days ahead that you might not think you are going to make it. Our Center wants to assist you in discovering the impossible. With God, all things are possible.

Here are some questions to ponder:

  1. Where can I live with my baby?
  2. Can I continue my education with the expense of a child?
  3. Can anyone help me with baby items?
  4. Can I still choose adoption later if parenting doesn’t work out?
  5. Where do I go for childcare?
  6. Will the father help with support?

Know we will help you with the answers to ALL these questions.



Many people have a misleading idea of adoption. It takes a lot of courage and maturity to consider this option and you are NOT a bad person for considering an adoption plan. You are providing your baby a chance at life for which you may not be able to fulfill right now.

Questions you might ask about adoption:

  1. Can I choose a family for my baby?
  2. Can I learn more about option adoption?
  3. Will my child know about me?
  4. Does the birth father have any rights?
  5. Can my child search for me one day?
  6. Will this be a financial burden to me?

Once again we at the Center want you to have the answers to all questions prior to making any decision.

The birth mother can have :

  • a peace of mind knowing her baby has been placed in a home with parents of her choice
  • an open adoption
  • on-going post adoption support

For more information, you may visit the websites below:



if you are considering an abortion, we want you to know this will affect your future. We want you to avoid the physical and emotional trauma by offering solutions. Abortion doesn’t “erase mistake” nor is it a “quick fix,” but it can create many other problems in your life. Please do not make any irrational decisions. Slow down and allow time to think.

Here are some things to consider before making this decision:

No one can make you have an abortion.
There are other options to consider.

1. Scarring of the uterine lining
2. Heavy bleeding ( risk of hemorrhaging)
3. Higher risk of breast cancer
4. Allergic reaction to drugs used during an abortion surgery
5. Damage to cervix ( tearing of the cervix by an abortion instrument)
6. Infection due to incomplete abortion (All fetal parts ARE NOT removed) This is the reason you need to make sure it’s a viable, uterine pregnancy
7. Death ( extreme cases/ on average less than 20 cases per year.


1. Post Abortion Syndrome
2. Guilt
3. Anger
4. Anxiety
5. Psychological Reactions
6. Depression
7. Flashbacks
8. Suicidal Thoughts
9. Relationship Problems
10. Sexual Dysfunction
11. Alcohol/Drug Abuse